Lifestyle Changes: The Key To Healthy Aging


Lifestyle Changes: The Key To Healthy Aging

LIFESTYLE refers to a concept that has been around for a very long time. The idea of the life tree dates back to the beginning of recorded history. It was believed by some cultures that the human life span stretched through a series of stages that were called the lifetimes. Each stage was related to one’s actions or progress during this lifetime. There are various theories about the life cycle and the LIFESTYLE concept continues to be an important part of spirituality, mythology, and religious beliefs across many different cultures.

LIFESTYLE is the basic attitudes, interests, behaviors, and social orientations of an individual, family, or group. The word was first introduced by Austrian psychiatrist Alfred Adler in his famous book, The Case of Miss R. In it, the word was defined with the phrase, “the life-cycle model of social reality”. The life-cycle theory postulates that humans experience three distinct phases of their lives namely childhood, adolescence, and adulthood.

The LIFESTYLE concept has been heavily impacted by the work of German philosopher Martin Heidegger. In his book, Theorie, Heidegger stated that humans are “deliberately structured according to their own history” which is a “moving pattern of being-at-one, being-at-many, being-less”. According to Heidegger, the human being is guided by the ‘I’. This I is not a God or a spirit but a living, breathing individual. It is influenced by the various social forces and life-styles of the world and individuals which shape its being.

In this way, the LIFESTYLE concept can be interpreted as a proposal that you start with yourself before getting distracted by others and end up making bad choices which ruin your life as a whole. In essence, according to Heidegger, the goal of life should be to experience the timelessness of the present moment. As long as you are in this world, you will constantly have to make choices and face situations which shape your being. By adopting a healthy lifestyle, you can help yourself to grow as an individual and will help you overcome life’s daily struggles.

Apart from helping you to grow as an individual and overcoming the trials of everyday life, LIFESTYLE is also a highly effective method for achieving and maintaining a healthy body weight. After all, most of the things we need the most during our day-to-day activities are hindered by excess fat on the body. Most people who are overweight need help to lose weight and LIFESTYLE offers a great solution. In fact, many doctors recommend LIFESTYLE as part of a healthy lifestyle changes. Therefore, you can also consider it as a great medical weight loss option.

If you are looking for information about LIFESTYLE, you can refer to its web site or simply go online to read more about it. You can also view videos, articles, and even personal stories written by people who have used LIFESTYLE to change their lives. For most of us, when it comes to changing our overall state of living, the answer is LIFESTYLE. As long as you keep in mind the original meaning of the word lifestyle, you will automatically get on track and start leading a healthier and happier life.