Health Promotion and the Healthy Food Program

HealthYFOOD is a premium online food shopping service that combines the power of the internet with the power of great food. Log on to your account, and select your favourite diet from the recommended diets provided by the website. If you have already activated your Healthy Foods reward but have not chosen a favourite Healthyfood partner (which will earn you maximum Healthy Foods points), login to your account to finalise your choice. You can also buy any food items that are available for purchase within your country and make your Healthy Foods purchases at home. All the foods that are available for purchase in the UK are provided by HealthYFOOD.


As a customer, you can take advantage of many benefits offered by HealthYFOOD. These benefits include: “Healthy Food Bonus” – every time you make a purchase (from your usual grocery store or from the Healthy Food partner portal) you get one point. The more healthy foods you buy, the more points you get. These points can be used as cash back or credit towards other health related activities. Plus, if you are registered as a member of HealthYFOOD, you can access the HealthYouth Bonus.

In addition to these great deals available through HealthYouth, HealthYFOOD offers a number of coupons that you can redeem when buying healthy foods. The HealthYouth coupons can be redeemed in the regular supermarket, health food stores and on certain HealthYouth partner websites. These coupons can be combined with your usual grocery store coupons to make savings on your next Healthy purchase!

An additional option is the “combination pack”. This is an excellent way to get the full benefit of the various healthy food choices available through HEALTHYFOOD. The combo pack includes three different healthy foods – vegetables, fruits, and a protein supplement. With the combination pack, not only can you get a healthy choice of vegetables, you can also choose a protein supplement to round out the selection!

The key ingredient to the success of the Healthy Food brand is its price intervention strategy. As a part of the healthy foods’ price intervention strategy, HealthYouth offers highly competitive prices for its products. You will not find this price intervention approach alone unique. However, the combination pack and the Healthy Food Price Intervention policy go a long way toward making HEALTHYFOOD an irresistible option for those struggling to lose weight.

HealthYouth continues to make significant headway in the fight against obesity and develop new programs that will take it to the next level. This month, they announced a partnership with Sprint to increase their presence in the growing community of HealthYouth. They have also signed agreements with Via Foods and the National Association of Reiki Practitioners. It is easy to see that the health promotion strategies of HEALTHYouth will continue to blossom into a comprehensive approach to fighting childhood obesity.