What Is The LIFESTYLE Program All About?


What Is The LIFESTYLE Program All About?

LIFESTYLE defines a concept that has had a profound impact on the way we live our lives. The word was first introduced by Austrian psychiatrist Alfred Adler in his famous work, The Case of Miss R. to describe a person’s basic traits, interests, attitudes, and behavioral patterns. The book coined the term to reflect on a condition where one’s “interests” had become obsolete. This condition has been called “the decay of interest” or “the decay of Lifestyle”.

The premise underlying both concepts is simple: Lifestyle decay causes a person to lose interest in their primary relationships and in the world as a whole. Lifestyle decay makes a person more preoccupied with day to day survival than their true innermost aspirations and dreams. Because these values are no longer important to a person, it is impossible for them to make any significant change or progress in those areas. Thus, there are always voids left open for the person who has lost interest in the Lifestyle. This void may be filled by other influences such as drugs, alcohol, depression, fame, money or power.

The LIFESTYLE concept is quite complex as it has many ramifications. First, the model places tremendous emphasis on individual development. The idea is that each human being is born with a basic set of personality traits and desires, however these traits and desires are rarely realized due to the pressures and interferences caused by family, peer pressure, career pressures, daily stresses, and many other factors. In this theory, each of us has a Lifestyle that could be described as the basic makeup of our being which determines our level of consciousness, energy, vitality, happiness, vitality, adaptability, creativity, decision making ability, emotional stability, personal growth, and health.

The LIFESTYLE philosophy perceives each person as a center around which the whole universe revolves, a living “breath” of life. Each person has an identity, a soul, an indivisible essence which is the spark of spirit and which alone contains all the attributes of beingness that one could ever have. Each person has a choice as to how he or she would want to live his or her life. The choices may be in the form of following one’s Lifestyle, creating a different set of goals and aspirations, or simply walking away from the current situation and doing nothing.

The main idea of the LIFESTYLE concept is that once you have found your Lifestyle, sticking to it is much easier than changing it. You will begin to experience remarkable improvements in yourself and in others. You will be able to help others achieve greater heights and improve their lives. You will be able to achieve all your goals and dreams and help each person to achieve the same level of success.

To sum it up, the LIFESTYLE concept is an open framework developed by the Life Institute in New York, United States. It was founded on the recognition that human desires could be satisfied with simple, elegant and healthy means. A few years ago, this institute underwent a process of extensive research and development resulting in the present version of the LIFESTYLE program. This process was undertaken in order to provide the best information available about the LIFESTYLE concept.