Use Healthiness Guides to Create Healthy Food Purchases


Use Healthiness Guides to Create Healthy Food Purchases

Improving diet quality with HealthYFOOD products is a major health promotion initiative. The Healthy program offers up to a 25 percent discount on selected healthy food items for more than 260,000 families across South Africa. The healthy and cost effective South African family meals are designed to cater for the different eating patterns of different members of the family. This includes pregnant women, the elderly, babies and people with special dietary requirements.

The primary focus of HealthYFOOD is to promote better nutrition through better nutritional choices. The company has partnered with some of the world’s leading companies in the food industry including HEPA, Toppserve and Nabob. The major focus of HealthYFOOD is to offer family-friendly healthy foods that are tasty, nutritious and cost effective. The market has a wide variety of healthy foods including fresh fruit juices, savoury sandwiches, salads, fruit juices and meat. The healthy food items are made by award winning companies with a reputation for developing healthy and delicious foods that appeal to all tastes and ages. Some of the popular HealthYFOOD products include:

* Healthy Foods for Seniors: The seniors Healthy Foods for Seniors program offers a comprehensive range of healthy foods that are designed especially for seniors to ensure that they maintain a healthy lifestyle and can eat well. This is one of the largest and most successful discount programs of its kind in the country. The Senior Healthy program is focused on providing a wide range of healthy foods specifically designed for seniors. The Health Foods for seniors program targets at helping seniors to reduce their weight, improve their diets, improve their lifestyle through exercise and get the necessary nutrients that are required for healthy living.

* HEALTHYFOOD PREDICTS: The Healthy Foods for Seniors price intervention program helps seniors in reducing their weight and improving their diets through an effective combination of healthy foods, special offers and price reduction. This is another part of the HEALTHYFOOD price intervention program that targets at helping seniors to reduce their weight. The price reduction that you will enjoy when you enroll in this program makes it a low cost and easy option to help you in achieving your weight loss goals. This also ensures that you do not have to spend much money to achieve the best results. You will also find that most of the products that you purchase in the HEALTHYFOOD program are fresh and free from any preservatives or other artificial additives that may have been added to the product to enhance the taste and increase the shelf life.

* Sensitivity Analysis: The healthiest eating plan is to take into consideration your dietary behaviors, body weight status, physical activity level and other factors that contribute to good health. The primary objective of the healthy food program is to conduct a sensitivity analysis on each product that you purchase in order to determine the presence of ingredients that may have allergic reactions and other negative effects on your body. If you are on medication, you should consult with your physician before adding any supplement or food products to your daily diet. If you think that you have a specific sensitivity to certain foods or supplements, you can sign up for the free health newsletter so that you get emails about new products, free sample offers and other healthy meals and supplements that are on the market.

* Supplementary Materials: A spreadsheet that lists all the individual food purchases for each category is used to conduct the sensitivity analysis. This spreadsheet is also important for the final analysis, which involves the determination of the effect of price, diet and dietary behaviors on weight loss and health improvements. The spreadsheet is called HEALTHYFOOD_MR. In the spreadsheet, the columns of the food pyramid are represented by vertical bars and the x-axis is set to the point of maximum weight loss at the current age in years, the y-axis the number of servings per person per week and the standard deviation of the range of weight loss over the course of the study.