HealthYFOOD Nutrition – A Review of Heathfood International

The HealthYFOOD program is a new food safety and dietary supplement delivery system that will begin delivering nutritional supplements to residents of the U.S. territory in fall 2021. The Healthy program is a joint effort between the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) and the National Association for Manufacturers of Nutrition (NAM). The objective of the Healthy Foods Program is to promote the use of safe and healthy food in everyday diets. The primary components of the Healthy Foods Program include nutrient-rich food choices such as whole grains; fruits, vegetables, and other unprocessed foods; low-fat dairy products; and lean meats and other fish.


The Healthy Food program is not yet available in Guam. However, products or services sold under the Vitality Program have already been processed and are not subject to change. There could be other costs associated with these offerings or services and therefore there may also be additional enrollment requirements attached to these products or services. It is possible that the company may also need to adhere to island regulations regarding fair trade practices. There has been no public announcement from the company about when delivery will start or whether it will offer supplements that are grown or manufactured on U.S. farms.

The Healthy Food website does not mention how many people have signed up or how many people will actually receive free Healthy Foods products once they are mailed across the island. A representative did respond to my email asking about enrollment numbers, but the HealthYFOOD representatives did not have specific numbers available. I asked why the HealthYFOOD health club enrollment numbers were not released publicly and was told that the company will be releasing them closer to the start of operations. It is unknown at this time how many Healthy Foods will be distributed by HealthYFOOD in Guam, but they plan to provide it to all residents once the system opens.

The HealthYFOOD Health Club will also offer instruction and support for its products to help those who are just getting started with their health goals. Healthy Foods and their supplements will be made available to residents in the form of nutritional bars, shakes, capsules, and beverages. Heathy Foods is based in San Diego, California, so the nutritional bars and shakes will most likely be consumed in San Diego. The capsules will probably be consumed elsewhere, but a representative did promise that all healthful bars and drinks will be consumed in the state of Georgia.

Healthy food nutritional products will contain vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. I was presented with several bars to review and I will focus my comments on just a couple of them here. There were several flavors to choose from including one called “Chai Tea” which was delicious and had an extremely rich, bitter-sweet taste. The other flavor I enjoyed was their “High Energy Carrot Juice Bar.” This bar had an awesome flavor but felt a bit flat to me compared to others I have tasted.

Overall, I am very pleased with the HealthYFOOD business opportunity. Their products are great and I think they will do well in helping people live healthier lives. HealthYFOOD does a great job of offering members a free trail of their products so that they can try them out before joining the program and they also offer a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the quality of the products or service. HealthYFOOD has a simple business plan and a strong start.