FITNESS: Keep Your Levels Up To Date


FITNESS: Keep Your Levels Up To Date

What is FITNESS? Fitness is an all-encompassing term that is used in many ways by many different people. Fitness means different things to different people, and there is no universal meaning that can apply to everyone. The people who use the word “fitness” have typically been living in an atmosphere that includes a balanced diet, plenty of rest, moderate strenuous physical activity and adequate sleep.

Physical fitness is a general state of wellness and well being and, more importantly, the capacity to do physical activities, jobs, sports and other daily activities without injury or exhaustion. Physical fitness is often achieved through proper nutrition, regular exercise, adequate sleep and by decreasing the intake of unhealthy substances such as caffeine and tobacco. Studies have indicated that a high body fat percentage is an indicator of increased mortality. A healthy body composition (i.e., high percentage of total lean body mass with a low percentage of total body fat) has been associated with a reduced risk of many types of cancer. One of the keys to a healthy physical condition is a proper balance of diet and regular physical activity. Exercise has been shown to be beneficial for improving health, reducing illness, and even preventing age-related diseases.

To improve your physical condition, a healthy diet and regular physical activity are essential. A healthy diet is necessary for overall health because it helps you maintain a healthy body weight and a proper nutritional level. Proper nutrition is important for increasing your energy levels, decreasing your risk of injury and illnesses, and promoting a healthy, well-balanced body weight. Because physical fitness and endurance are negatively impacted by nutritional deficiencies, a proper balance of nutrients is essential to achieving and maintaining good health. Additional information regarding nutritional needs can be found in the ACSM website.

Specific types of exercise can also help improve your Fitness. Activities that target specific muscle groups or reduce overall body fat are excellent forms of physical fitness, while activities that increase flexibility and joint mobility are beneficial to all kinds of fitness. For maximum benefits, you should combine exercises that improve your different fitness goals.

A major challenge for many people trying to improve their physical fitness and stay active is boredom. Although a fitness program can be enjoyable, if you do not find enough interesting things to do on your program, staying active may become difficult. This is why it is very important to be consistent with your physical fitness program and your workouts. If you can plan your workouts around fun activities you will be much more likely to stick with them for the long term.

Staying active can improve your overall health, reduce your risk for injury, increase your energy levels, and make you feel better. Physical fitness can improve the health of your mind and spirit. If you need help with motivation, conditioning, and maintaining your proper fitness levels consult with your doctor or local trainer. There is no substitute for proper form, exercise, and good nutrition when it comes to achieving optimum health and fitness.